Tuesday, 9 October 2007

More Photos of our tour

Our Hotel in Calcatoggio, Corsica

View from above Calcatoggio

Car park in Vichy

At the Marseille ferry ready to board.


The entry to our village

the three of us!

Ardeche river

My car at Calcatoggio

Ponte de Pianella bridge

Graham with me at Girolata -- Cheers!

Doug & Marlies on the Millau Bridge

On the Girolata Cruise with Alan

The twisty roads of Corsica photo by Brian Halling

At Iles Sanguinaires point

A pride of Porsche rears

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Irene said...

Thank you so much. Enjoy 'travelling' with you through the blog. I get to see places without being there! I like the food!