Tuesday, 9 October 2007

New Friends

Alan & I were told about a special festival that takes place every year in a mountain village above Sagone and near Vico in a lovely village called Murzo.

This is the Corsican honey festival to celebrate the produce of the region where we could see and taste local cheeses, honey, wine, candy & look at various local artwork.

While there we "entertained" the local people by wearing our "Hey Jimmy" hats that Alan had brought with him for the road trip for a bit of a laugh.

It was during our walkabout we got talking with a lovely family who invited us back to there local bar in Vico for an aperitif. We took up their offer and spent a happy time with them at their local bar where they all tried on our hats and Jean-francois had a sit in my Boxster.

They invited us to have an evening meal with them but as we had prior engagements we reluctantly had to decline there very kind offer.

In the photo below you can see from left to right; Corinne, Me, Jean-francois, Paule & Bruno.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the names is all right. I was happy to meet you and your friend. It was a lovely "day" I hope we can see you again you was funny and a new friend for me.If you need I am here

With all my loves